OpenGL Library for Delphi,
maintained by Eric Grange,
based on Mike Lischke's GLScene.


GLScene News

GLScene wikki is published Aug 14, 2006

This week this new GLScene wikki based web-site has been published. This wikki site was designed by Matheus Degiovani with the intention to allow more user interaction with the site. The new web-site is supposed to pull the numerous resources on various web-sites together to form one comprehensive collection of Demos, Help, reference material and tutorials.

We need your help. Especially with the documentation sections. In order to contribute to the web-site you will need to create an account and login first.
GLScene 1.0 is released Jul 14, 2006

imageGLScene is formally released. It took a couple of years Beta stage but it is now pretty solid and released. Let's pop a cork and celebrate the fantastic efforts of all involved. GLScene You can download this version on SourceForge

This release replaces the older snapshots and release candidates.
GLScene 1.0 Release Candidate Jun 29, 2006

With the new found surge of action within the community, Paul van Dinther is releasing GLScene 1.0 Release Candidate for public consumption and testing. You can download it in SourceForge by following this link.

Included in the package is the full source code for GLScene, plus the main demos. Please report any problems, or bugs found, so that the release date of July 14 is met.

You can read more about GLScene 1.0 right here.
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