OpenGL Library for Delphi,
maintained by Eric Grange,
based on Mike Lischke's GLScene.



There is plenty of help around for GLScene. Listed below you find a rich set of resources that should help you out if you get stuck. GLScene is open source and as such depends on it's users for tutorials, articles, how to's and so on. Please contribute to the knowledge base and reference manual whenever appropriate.



Make sure to check out the user submitted tutorials . A great resource for beginners but also very handy for advanced users . You can also contribute by writing your own tutorials.



You know stuff that you want to tell GLScene users about? Please post it here. Articles provide more indepth information about a wide range of GLScene subjects. As with everything else on this site. Please feel free to add your own.


Reference Manual

This manual contains detailed descriptions of the classes in GLScene, what they can do and how to use them. You are invited to fill in the blanks so we can turn GLScene into a well documented library.

With thanks to "skinhat" for making the accumulated resources on available.



There is a hard way to do things and an easy way. Check out the tips and find out the right way. Tips were originally collected on and made available to GLScene


News Groups

Currently, the most used method for help in GLScene are the newsgroups. They can be found at:

You can also access the newsgroups via a browser here:


Bug reporting

Bug-reporting can be done at SourceForge's Bug tool Make sure to discuss your bug in the news group before you file it. Perceived bugs are often misunderstood features. Allow at least a week or so for people to respond to your bug inquiries on the newsgroup. You should formally report the bug when the bug is confirmed by others. Bugs need to be reproducable so make sure you attach a demo project or very clear instructions on how to reproduce it.



You can read about the GLScene development history here


More help

Also, the following resources provide GLScene-related help:

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