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 14/11/05   mathx   GLScene 2 

    Eric Grange, GLScene's current administrator, has started discussions for an all-new version of GLScene, currently (creatively) refered to as GLscene 2. Main proposed modifications would include (but not be limited to):
    • Multithreading support (at scene setup and preparation level)
    • Material-based paradigm (instead of objects rendering themselves, they would just specify geometric data)
    • Different rendering drivers (to allow the use, not just of Direct-X vs OpenGL renderers, but also more sofisticated rendering techniques, such as raytracing, renderers with/without dynamic lighting support and so on).
    So, if you want to participate in the design of the new GLS, head over to the newsgroups and look for threads with the subject "GLScene 2".

 11/10/05   mathx   Newsgroup Problems 

    For the last few days the GLScene newsgroup has had a few problems, and people were unable to post or receive messages. Right now, things seem to be back on track but if you are still experiencing problems, try unsubscribing/subscring or sending a test message to either newsgroup (preferably on the Test message - please ignore thread from Q-dad dated 10/10/2005). The addresses to the newsgroups are:

    In other news, all old (2003-wise) bugs have been closed on the bugtracker. Please, try to access the bugs and requests for features (RFE) and comment on those.

 21/09/05   mathx   Help Community 

    Blaise Bernier has put up the GLScene Help Community website, for GLScene-related articles, demos and documentation. Some things are still being finalized, but you can already log in and start making additions to the site (it is working somewhat like a Wiki, with some improvements). You can find the help site on the link below, or at the top of this page (where it says "community"):

    And just as a reminder, everyone using or developing GLScene should head over the Bugtracker and comment on the open bugs (or better yet, post a fix ;)) so that we can keep track of the work that needs to be done in order to improve GLScene. Just saying "yeah, that happens to me too" is already a big help, because it shows us that the problem is not affecting just a single person.

 16/09/05   mathx   3d Development Pack 

    Skinhat has created an updated Lazarus+Glscene install, and now it even includes Quark and Osman Turan's OpenBSP! A complete package for all your game development needs. Here are the links: This is the main 3D Development pack page (includes Lazarus, Quark, OpenBSP and GLScene) This is a Quark distribution which includes OpenBSP and a GLScene demo as default game (Lazarus and Delphi versions available) This page contains the GLScene/Lazarus installation

 12/09/05   mathx   Pernille's Screensaver 

      For the lovebirds out there, Martin Bresson has created a GLScene screensaver full of romance-related effects. Leave you special someone a message to be displayed inside a rose or a heart.

      Go over to and check it out.

 09/09/05   mathx   GLScene Status Update 

 15/03/05   EG   New demo, new snapshot 

      Just finished uploading AirBlast (6 MB) which is my entry in the PGD "DogFight" competition, and also the most advanced GLScene game demo so far :). Some screenshots until it gets a proper webpage: shot1, shot2, shot3, shot4 & shot5.
      New: uploaded the standard keymap for AirBlast.

      Also uploaded a new CVS Snapshot, which now comes in Zip or 7-zip format for more compacity.

 10/01/05   EG   GLScene Help Community Wiki 

    Blaise Bernier announced the GLScene Help Community which is a Wiki site destined to receive tutorials and all kinds of documentations that can be contributed directly and easily by any and everyone.
    Thorsten updated the GLScene Resource Center, with some new ressources and a forum reorganization.

    Finally, I closed the poll that had been running, like forever, about your programming language at work (4898 votes, Delphi 79.4%, C++ 11.8%, C#, Java and the rest at 3%). New poll is about the GLScene's crowd age... younglings or venerable gurus?

 06/01/05   EG   Happy New Year 2005! 

    Happy New Year everyone and a special thought to those hit by the Tsunami.
    This website is begining its sixth year of existence (give or take a few months), and updates are still slow and sporadic, so I guess its more than time to recruit newsposters. See newsgroup for details.
    Some news items I remember in no particular order:
    • Roger Cao placed many screenshots of his game project and editor, very impressive all (if you missed them, check early november posts in the newsgroup)
    • Aaron Thorpy announced GLScene HTF format support in L3DT (no small feat, L3DT is a C++-based app!)
    • Koom is making good progress on his terrain editor too
    • Matheus Degiovani and Joen Joensen have taken up the FreePascal and Lazarus again, adding support for recent FPC/Lazarus versions and textures (cf. newsgroup posts)
    • Thorsten aka foverlorn put online v2 of the GLScene Resource Center which several skyboxes available.
    • Jan Zizka posted the final version of his game Eclipse (see 31/12/04 post)
    • Carlos G. posted several screenshots of it medical 2D/3D imaging application in the newsgroup
    • New FAQ Entry by Lionel Reynaud on how to install GLScene for BCB5 and BCB6
    • A variety of fixes and new addition in the CVS, and other news items I missed :p

 27/10/04   EG   Mesa 6.2 binaries, RecyclerMM 1.3 

    Mesa3D 6.2 binaries (650 kB) are now available for download, and a new version of RecyclerMM is out (main additions being 3GB support by David Christensen and threaded/delayed release, to further help mutithreading/multi-CPU situations).

    I haven't been touching GLScene much lately, but hopefully as the previous post by Stuart Gooding demonstrates, things are alive and moving, it's just this webpage that is quiet! :)

 19/10/04   SG   New features, fixes and projects 

    It's difficult to single out any specific news over the last couple of months because there has been so much of it.

    The CVS has gone into hyperdrive with almost daily updates of bug fixes and feature additions including:
    • Dynamic Collision Engine (Lucas G.)
    • Projected textures (Matheus Degiovani)
    • GLBlur for a range of motion blur effects (Mrqzzz)
    • Kylix compatibility fixes (Lionel Reynaud)
    • GLScene_BCB6 branch (Lionel Reynaud)
    • GLTrail, useful for adding bullet trails and such (Mrqzzz + Jason Lanford)
    • GLMirror updates (Orlando)
    • GLCelShader for toon shading (Stu)
    • GLBumpShader for per-pixel bump mapped lighting (Stu)
    • GLPhongShader for per-pixel phong shading (Stu)
    • TexCoordsEx, Tangents and Binormals added to TMeshObject (Stu)
    • TextureEx added to TGLMaterial for extended texture unit functionality (Stu)
    • DDS (Microsoft DirectDraw Surface) image support (Stu)
    • Many and various bug fixes.

    Some new projects to keep an eye out for:

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